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Ayurvedic Syrup

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  1. Coughrin Syrup

    Coughrin Syrup is a best result of cough relief syrup of ayurvedic restrictive prescription. Its extremely effective on intense and perpetual cough, its give you an alleviation of dry and Irritating cough. Additionally its useful for asthmatic cough, gainful and non profitable cough, fever, aneezing and cough.
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  2. Zymo-D Syrup

    we are rising as one of the main association occupied with offering ZYMO-D Syrup. This syrup is natural stomach related tonic, which fixes every single stomach related issue with no symptom, for example, gas, sharpness, acid reflux, fart, stomach after substantial suppers, stoppage, dyspepsia. It contains some normal substances required by the body to help separate and condensation sustenance. ZYMO-D Syrup extraordinarily improves side effects of heartburn and reinforces the stomach related framework.
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  3. Gynocompound

    Gynocompound Syrup is an uterine tonic for good wellbeing ayurvedic exclusive medicine. It regularizes the menstrual cycle, additionally keep up the ideal female wellbeing. Gynocompound syrup anticipate unusual vaginal releases and leucorrhoea. its serves an alleviation from excruciating menstruction insufficient menstruction.
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  4. Sreetkalp Syrup

    Sreetkalp Syrup is a trustworthy mind tonic with decency of ayurvedic exclusive medication. It improves memory and insight. likewise battles the pressure and uneasiness and makes kids excited and comfort.
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  5. Santiliv Drops Syrup

    Santiliv drops ayurvedic liver tonic for newborn children of ayurvedic exclusive drug. Its anticipate blockage, great at avoid sickness and spewing, Loss of hunger, heartburn, dyspepsia, flatulence,hepatitis, jaundice.
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  6. Alkatina Syrup

    Alkatina Syrup is system alkaliser of ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. It increment corrosive in blood that unusual the blood P. Its assistance of loss of eletrolytes, hyperacidity, acrid eruction, hostile to Oxidant.
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  7. Rakta Shodh Syrup

    Rakta Shodh Syrup is a fine product of normal blood purifier of Ayurvedic. brilliantly in characteristic blood purifier, exceedingly valuable in different skin sickness like bubbles, rashes, flaws, help in regularize stoppage and adjusts acid reflux. Checks nose draining and improve appearance. likewise attempts to remain thin and shrewd.
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  8. Santiliv Syrup

    Santiliv syrup a reliable liver tonic of ayurvedic restrictive medicine. Its useful for improves craving and digestion, interminable blockage, averts Nausea and Vomiting, hepatitis, greasy liver, Alcoholic liver, Early cirrhosis of liver, sluggish liver.
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